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Miyiiha (Hello) and thank you for being here. Free Feminine is a Southern California Kizh Native owned and Spirit led business. By breaking free from mainstream fashion norms and embracing our authentic selves, we are finally here! When shopping at Free Feminine you are supporting local and BIPOC artists. This not only encourages the growth of a vibrant artistic community but also contributes to a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. By choosing up-cycled clothing and handmade jewelry you are actively participating in reducing the environmental footprint, promoting a circular economy, and making a positive impact on the planet while supporting the mission of expression here at Free Feminine. Embracing these one-of-a-kind creations brings a sense of pride and purpose, knowing that each piece tells a story of creativity, resourcefulness, and conscious living.

Every piece is hand selected and made 100% unique.

We promise, there is only one, so get it while it's here!!!

Ek'wa'shem - We're still here.

New!! "Wanderlusting" Handmade Healing Rings

Introducing "Wanderlusting," a breathtaking collection of natural stone jewelry that encapsulates the... 

"Wanderlusting" with Free Feminine

Introducing "Wanderlusting," a breathtaking collection of natural stone jewelry that encapsulates the... 

At Free Feminine, we take pride in offering an eco-conscious collection of products that blend up-cycled clothing with captivating solo travel photography. Each garment is thoughtfully crafted from 100% up-cycled materials, fashion-forward and environmentally friendly. By repurposing clothing, we reduce the demand for new resources, contributing to a sustainable future. Infusing personal travel photography adds wanderlust and adventure to each piece, connecting wearers to breathtaking landscapes and cultures. Our dedication to supporting artists, particularly within the BIPOC community, ensures each garment is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art, exuding authenticity and uniqueness. Founder, SarahNicole , is a reconnecting California Kizh Native, so this is a heart set of connection is very important to her as the business foundation. Join us in celebrating creativity, fostering environmental stewardship, and supporting talented artists for a greener and more inclusive world.

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